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Christmas Spirit
     To my parents Don and Vera McDonald for making the 
sacrifices they did to give a family of seven children 
the best Christmases a child could ask for...
to them I dedicate this album and these thoughts:

Christmas is that time of year
That hits us many ways
The cold...the snow...
the ornaments...
The talk of Santa’s sleigh
For kids with eyes as 
big as pies
Look! There’s Santa in the store!
And as a dad you say that life 
Can give you nothing more...
You think of sacrifices made 
By parents years gone by
To make this day a special one...
And now you know just why.

    And this...from a seven 
year old child... 
when asked what love is 
he responded...
Love is what you feel in 
the room at Christmas 
time when everybody stops 
unwrapping their 
presents and just listens...

Thanks to Mr. John McDonald - 
my lifelong musical inspiration and mentor.
Thanks to Aaron Ripley for his consistent
attention to detail and focus on excellence.

David McDonald - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Chuck Bianchi - Bass Guitar   
Ray Cordello - Percussion
Aaron Ripley - Keyboards
Fred DiCesare - Piano on Christmas Spirit (unplugged version)
and Hear The Bells (instrumental version)
Arcadia Middle School Choir - background vocals on
Christmas Spirit and Hear The Bells
Aaron Ripley - All Orchestral Arrangements
Fred DiCesare - Vocal Arrangements and 
Direction of the ARMS Choir
Executive Producer - David McDonald
Co-Producer - Aaron Ripley
Engineer - Aaron Ripley
Graphics - Jackie Kaspersin   
Photography - Bob Zucco, R2 Studio
Recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered at
Dynamic Recording, Rochester, NY dynrec.com

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